【Burn】 GO! COIN [xGOx] Highest APR!-Biggest Community! [Oficcial ANN]

Would you like to be a coin developer, and learn cryptocurrency with a successful team?
The GOCOIN team will support your winning project! Show us your project, and we will create the coin for you as well as support it ! We can even offer it in an ICO payable ONLY with GOCOINS.
 95% of the GOCOINS collected, will be burnt and the 5% left will be used for coin development. We will choose the most interesting project!
more info @discord channel here !

coming soon

We welcome talented, and hard working people who might be interested in joining the GOCOIN team! Should you be interested please get hold of us in the official Discord Channel. 
Donations are greatly appreciated. Please use the following options for donations:

BTC: 1Cj23DgJ33NoFJSybXsGmqV1iDuXyksLfT
Eth: 0xfd3031178D77fC142ac67d521A1D35aD13eFDAD0
Goku: GTHGcqKuQAkCKL8JeKka7U6aoXNtfteTQV

The cryptocurrency market has inherent risks, please proceed with extreme caution and always do your own due diligence.  The GOCoin team is not responsible for negligence of third parties such as vendors, mining pools, exchanges and other entities.

Finally, a special thank you to the GO-KU/GOCoin community for all your support and commitment to the success of this cryptocurrency.
A committed dev team combined with a dedicated, driven